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GMU Holds an Air Conditioner Donation Ceremony for Caring Enterprises

Author: Posttime:2018-05-28 11:16:00 View Count:156

    On the afternoon of May 27,GMU held an air conditioner donation ceremony for caring enterprises in Huangjin campus. More than 600 people attended the ceremony, including Deng Yanghui,the former deputy mayor of Ganzhou municipal government,Wen Huili, president of Ganzhou Charity Federation, Lai Xiaojun, patry secretary of Xingguo county, Yu Zhonghua, patry secretary of Quannan county, Ouyang Bin and Song Chonglin, vice president of Ganzhou Charity Federation,caring  entrepreneurs Liang Guozhong and Jiang Hua, and representatives of caring enterprises, Li Gongjin, secretary of GMU party committee, GMU leaders Chen Liang, Huang Ruizhong, Ye Junming, Zhang Yusheng, deputy departmental-level cadres, student cadres, instructors and student representatives. The vice president of GMU Liu Min presided over the ceremony.

    Caring companies such as Ceremony in Ganzhou Senmao Real Estate co., LTD., Country Garden Group, Ganzhou Chengguang Rare Earth New Materials co., LTD., Xingguo People's Hospital, Jiangxi Yuansheng Real Estate Development co., LTD., Guangzhou Junhong industrial co., LTD., Ganzhou Yiyuan Multimedia Technology co., LTD., and Jiangxi Zhonglu Technology co., LTD. donated more than 3,200 sets of air conditioners for students dormitory and classroom usage,being worth over 7 million yuan. Chen liang, vice president of GMU, presented donation certificates to the donors on behalf GMU.

    Xie Qiang, administrative manager of Ganzhou Chengguang Rare Earth New Materials co., LTD., Qiu Yongjie, president of Xingguo People's Hospital, Chen Kanglong, vice executive president of Ganzhou City Company affiliated to Country Garden Group, and Jiang Hua, chairman of Gaojing Capital Group, represented caring enterprises to make speeches. They hoped to continue enhancing GMU-enterprise cooperation and friendship, and wish GMU output more talents!

    GMU students representative, Guo Yue of batch 2017 delivered her speech to thank GMU for caring students and caring enterprises for their donations. She also pledged to form a good character, study hard, have the courage to have an exploration, dare to innovate, match her action with her words, repay the kindness of parents and the cultivation of GMU, and live up to the expectations of all sectors of the society with excellent academic performance, professional knowledge and noble moral sentiment.

    Ouyang Bin, former vice president and secretary general of Ganzhou Charity Federation hoped that students could learn from caring enterprises and their spirits of selfless dedication and helping others, be caring and give back to motherland and the society with excellent work performance, and wished GMU students success and great achievement in their studies.

    Li Gongjin, secretary of GMU party committee, began his speech, on behalf of GMU's party committee and administration, all teachers and students, by thanking caring enterprise for their generosity and helping hand, and paying high tribute to friends from all walks of life who care, support and help the development of GMU over the past years.

    Li Gongjin pointed out that the kindness and good deeds of the caring enterprises not only greatly improved the learning, living, teaching environment of GMU teachers and the students, but also carried forward the traditional virtues, cultivated good habits, and spread positive energy because they actively gave back to society, fulfilled the social responsibility of noble morality. The donation of air conditioning rallied the hearts of GMU people, inspired the morale, and played a positive role.

    Li Gongjin hoped that students would be grateful, thank the world, repay the people who obliged us with all efforts, study hard, cherish the time, and bay back the people who cared and loved us with excellent achievements. They should also serve people with lofty aspirations and strive hard to achieve the great Chinese Dream. He also encouraged students to be down-to-earth, hone abilities, give back to the society and other people, and strive to be" noble, pure, lofty and beneficial".

    It is known that students dormitory air conditioners donated by caring enterprise  has been installed, and could be used after the completion of electricity capacity expansion operation. Meanwhile, the classroom air conditioners will also be installed and debugged in the near future.