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GMU Holds the Third CSBMBESIDC

Author: Posttime:2018-05-30 17:08:00 View Count:107

    Recently, sponsored by Academic Affairs Office and organized by School of Basic Medicine Sciences, the Third College Students Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Experimental Skills and Innovative Design Competition (CSBMBESIDC)  came to an end. A total of 258 undergraduate students signed up for the competition. Through the preliminary contest, 48 outstanding students were selected for intensive training in scientific research thinking and scientific research technology before they entered the finals.

    The finals were divided into three parts, namely, experimental theory, interview defense and operation skill. After fierce competition, Zhou Min, a batch 2015 undergraduate student majoring in biotechnology, Yao Yingmeng and Chen Hui, batch 2017 undergraduate students majoring in biotechnology, won the first prize. Eight students,such as Zhang Yi and Shen Zhenping, batch 2015 undergraduate majoring in biotechnology, Yin Feng, batch 2015 undergraduate who is in clinical medicine class 7, Liu Wenjun, Cai Jiajun, batch 2016 undergraduates with biotechnology majors, Xu Yinmei, a batch 2016 undergraduate who is in clinical medicine class one, Yu Wenjie, liu Xuan, batch 2016 undergraduate who are in clinical medicine class 12 won second prize; while Yuan Helan, Chen Zhijun, Wang Chen, Xiong Dandan, batch 2016 undergraduates whose major are biotechnology, Chen Ziming, a batch 2016 undergraduate from anesthesia class 2, Xu Jiancheng, batch 2016 undergraduate in clinical medicine class one, Qiu Junliang from class 3 Wei Zhijun, Zhang Shengfeng, Liu Shuangfei, and Xiao Cong from class 6, Huang Jingda and Ouyang QingPing from class 7, Kang Zixin from class 9, Wang Xiaoxia from class 9, You Jing, Xie Jiajun, and Wang Po from class 10 won the third prize.
    It’s known that Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is supportive disciplines of life sciences(including medicine, biology, and pharmaceutics), and its experimental techniques are widely applied in all aspects of life science research and exert important influence on the progress of life science.