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GMU Holds the Provisional Ceremony for Batch 2013 Foreign Students

Author: Posttime:2018-06-01 17:11:00 View Count:138

    On the afternoon of May 30, GMU held a grand Provisional Ceremony for 2013 foreign students in Huangjin campus. GMU president Liu Qian, vice president Liu Min, relevant departments, deans of schools, representatives of Chinese and foreign teachers, and all the teachers of International Education College, batch 2013 graduates, and other Chinese and foreign students attended the ceremony.

    The ceremony began with the loud and clear GMU anthem.

    The outstanding alumni, and teacher representative Shen Wen (Dr. Selvin)  passed down positive energy with his own experience "There was once a student from Nepal whose English listening and speaking skills were weak, but he has his own clinic now, and does a great job. I wish you a bright future."

    The student representative, Tang Weide (Talha Javaid) from Pakistan, shared his medical story in Jiangxi "when we are deserted by our medical dream in our own countries, it is GMU that gives us the opportunity to continue to realize the dream, and equip us with competence to compete with our domestic medical students."

    Parents’ representative Mr. Tahir came afar from Pakistan to give graduates his blessing " As parents, I feel very happy and proud when looking you moving closer to your dream. I would like to thank GMU in particular for making it possible.

    Liu Qian raised his expectations on the graduates. “Firstly, don't forget your initial intention. Although science and technology are developed and high-tech means are reliable, we still need to forge our own superb medical skills. Secondly, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. As the ancient Chinese thinker Xunzi puts it, only with accumulation can we walk a thousand miles. To be successful, you must start with small efforts. Thirdly, we should strive to become a healer with exquisite medical skills, patient trust and humanistic care. Fourthly, we should adhere to the motto of "morality, truth and progress" and enhance exchanges between China and foreign countries in the new era. 

    Liu Qian also presented certificates to all graduates in turn.
    Finally, all the graduates, led by their teacher Dr. Kharthick, solemnly swore in front of the statue of Hippocrates on the square of GMU and were determined to devote themselves to the medical cause.