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FAHGMU is Awarded the Construction Unit of Chinese Heart Failure Center

Author: Posttime:2018-06-19 09:29:00 View Count:103

    On June 16, the 9th International Cardiovascular Medicine Treatment Summit and the 10th Chinese Heart Failure Academic Conference were held in Beijing. The conference held the first and second batch of Chinese Heart Failure Center licensing ceremony, and FAHGMU was the only medical unit in Ganzhou selected for the second batch of Construction Unit by Chinese Heart Failure Center. Li Linkang, the national health medical administration inspector, Professor Huo Yong, vice president of China Cardiovascular Health Alliance, and Yang Jiefu, the heart failure group leader in the Branch of Cardiovascular Disease of Chinese Medical Association, gave name boards to the construction unit.

    Professor Yang Jiefu pointed out in the speech that heart failure (HF) was the outcome of all kinds of cardiovascular disease, and its incidence rates were on the rise, and that those patients with heart failure accounted for a large proportion in the hospitalized patients. To standardize management of chronic heart failure was an important means of reducing hospitalization rate and mortality. And the construction of the heart failure center was an important measure to improve the implementation of heart failure guidelines and standardize management of heart failure.

    As professor Huo Yong pointed out in his speech that the title of the construction unit of heart failure center was a kind of honor and responsibility. As the construction unit of heart failure center, FAHGMU would depend on its clinical key specialties, key disciplines of GMU, and leading medical disciplines in Ganzhou-- cardiovascular internal medicine, to give full play to its leading comprehensive strengths in clinic, science, teaching and research in the region and in Jiangxi province, further standardize treatment of patients with heart failure, strengthen follow-up monitoring, pay visits to basic-level hospitals, carry out heart health knowledge propaganda and education for the medical staff, patients and their family, improve self-management ability of patients and their family, enhance the working performance for grassroots health workers in heart failure patients prevention, control and management, raise the level of regional comprehensive prevention and control in heart failure disease.