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GMU President Liu Qian Goes to the ASAG for Investigation and Exchange

Author: Posttime:2018-06-19 09:31:00 View Count:94

    On June 15, Liu Qian, president of GMU, went to the Academy of State Administration of Grain(ASAG) in Beijing for investigation and exchange.
    Dr. Zhang Zhongjie, deputy director of the national engineering laboratory of grain storage and transportation in ASAG had a discussion with Liu Qian. Zhang Zhongjie introduced in detail the operation framework of national engineering laboratory of grain storage and transportation in ASAG, reviewed the application process of "development and collaborative innovation center of Gannan camellia industry” project, and introduced the research progress of this project in ASAG. Liu Qian introduced the basic situation of GMU, and its achievements in camellia industry, looked forward to in-depth cooperation with ASAG in camellia processing research and development, and expanded cooperation areas.
    They also exchanged views on the idea of the camellia industry innovation alliance, the declaration of the national camellia engineering research center, the introduction of professional doctor talents related to camellia industry development, and project cooperation. Zhang Zhongjie said he was willing to work together with GMU on the state's support for the construction of One Belt and One Road in the western region, and on the project of Chinese medicinal materials planting.
    Accompanied by Dr. Zhang Zhongjie, Liu Qian visited the national grain storage and transportation engineering laboratory in ASAG.