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GMU’s "Small Medical Kit" Social Practice Project in 2018 is Launched in Shahe Town, Zhanggong District

Author: Posttime:2018-07-14 00:00:00 View Count:180

    On the morning of July 13, the practice project sponsored by the Zhanggong District People’s Government of Ganzhou and GMU on "Inherit Red Spirits, Boost Rural Revitalization”, the summer rural social practice of college students volunteers and GMU’s Practice Project of "Small Medical Kit" Public Welfare Plan in 2018 was launched in the elementary school of Longcun, Shahe town.


    Liu Min, vice president of GMU, Liu Zhengqiang, deputy secretary of Zhanggong district , Lian Lu, secretary of Youth League committee, Chen Daihua, deputy director of Ganzhou municipal committee of Youth League committee, Zhang Xiaodong, member of the standing committee of the district committee, and Yu Yijun, vice secretary of party committee of School of Basic Medicine Sciences, attended the launching ceremony,along with faculty from Ganzhou municipal committee of Youth League committee, agriculture and labor department, comprehensive management department, poverty relief office, justice bureau, and Shahe town, as well as 200 college student volunteers from Peking University Health Science Center and GMU.



    Liu Min, Liu Zhengqiang and other leaders awarded flags to college student volunteers.Ye Junxin,on behalf of volunteers,made a speech and vowed to practice volunteer service ideas, inherit medical spirits, do his utmost, care left-behind children,contribute to country revitalization, so as to build a rich,beautiful, happy ZhangGong.



    In his speech, Liu stressed that youth should grow up to be pillars of the country. They should not only read books, but also put theories into action.It was important to keep in mind the earnest teachings of general secretary Xi Jinping, to be patriotic, inspirational, truth-seeking and practical, and to clarify and implement the mission and responsibility of socialist builders and successors.



    Liu Zhengqiang expressed his warm welcome in his speech to college student volunteers from Peking University Health Science Center and GMU who made social practice.He hoped those students to implement their responsibilities, and actively develop rural practice in the next few days.



    It is known that the "Small Medical Box" left-behind children welfare plan this year was selected into the national key team of "Youth Travel for Healthy Poverty Alleviation ".Soon after the ceremony, 200 volunteers would go to 50 villages of Shashi,Shahe, Shuixi, and Shuidong town, for 7-day social practice activities, living with the local villagers, establishing left-behind children health archives, providing basic health examination, setting up health education classes,spreading drowning prevention knowledge, giving out medical kits and children's books, carrying out rural social investigation, promoting rural revitalization strategies.



    Not long ago, GMU and Zhanggong government signed an agreement on the framework of industry-university-research cooperation, established multilevel cooperation relationship and long-term cooperation mechanism. The summer rural social practice was the embodiment of cooperation. Both sides would base on the principle of benefiting and sharing by jointly creating normalized social practice pattern in more fields.