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GMU Holds the GMU Faculty Table Tennis Match

Author: Posttime:2018-09-19 10:47:00 View Count:83

    On September 18th, the GMU Faculty Table Tennis Match was held at the Faculty Home of the Huangjin Campus. The contestants were enthusiastic and the competition was exciting and intense.

    It is reported that the competition was hosted by the GMU Labor Union. This competition covered the Singles and Doubles as well as the Team competitions. A total of 11 teams participated. In the first stage of the competition, a number of teams were divided for a single round robin. The first two players were taken into the next round. In the second stage, the knockout round was played. In the end, 1 First Award, 1 Second Award as well as 1 Third Award came into existence.
    Each division of the GMU Labor Union carefully organized, pre-selected outstanding players to participate in the competition, and designated a special person to lead a team and guide the competition activities.