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Professor Gao Qiang Delivers a Lecture in GMU

Author: Posttime:2018-10-01 19:36:00 View Count:92

    On September 29th, Professor Gao Qiang, the National “1000-Person Plan” expert, was invited to deliver a lecture in GMU. GMU President Liu Qian met Dr. Gao Qiang. On behalf of GMU, Vice-president Ye Junming awarded Dr. Gao Qiang the Letter of Appointment, in which Dr. Gao Qiang acted as a visiting professor of GMU.

    Subsequently, Professor Gao Qiang gave an academic lecture entitled "My Medical Working Experience - the Development of China's Chest Pain Center". Liu Qian, Ye Junming, all the teachers and students of the School of Information Engineering attended the lecture.

    Taking the establishment and construction of China's first standardized chest pain emergency center and Bian Que rescue system as examples, the lecture expounded the significance, mission and methods of medical and engineering integration, and provided ideas for the construction of a new specialty of medical and engineering integration in GMU.

    President Liu Qian and Professor Gao Qiang had communication with the teachers and students. Liu Qian asked the teachers and students present to strengthen  contacts with Professor Gao Qiang and to grasp the opportunities for learning and communication. Second, teachers and students should seriously consider the construction of the knowledge system. And third, teachers and students should practice more and seriously think about the transformation from theory to practice.

    The atmosphere of the lecture was warm, and the teachers and students listened carefully.