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GMU Holds a Teaching Supervision Meeting to Strengthen Teaching Inspection Work

Author: Posttime:2018-10-16 16:30:00 View Count:126

    On the afternoon of October 15th, the Teaching Supervision Meeting was held in Zhanggong Campus. Ye Junming, the vice-president of GMU, attended it and delivered a speech.

    Members of the Teaching Supervision Group reported their recent work, visited all the Teaching and Research Departments, and inspected the file construction and research activities.
    Ye Junming firstly affirmed the work carried out by the Teaching Supervision Group of GMU. He extended heartfelt thanks to the teachers for their hard work and positive contributions to the overall improvement of the education and teaching quality of GMU. Ye Junming pointed out that the development of GMU had been greatly helped by the supervisory experts. This group of experts had the strongest sense of responsibility and their work was most effective. The difficulty was constantly changing, but the supervisory experts had no complaints about the heavy and complicated work, which was worthy of respect.
    Finally, Ye Junming asked the experts to continue to pay attention to the development of GMU, and in particular, give full play to the important role of the teaching supervision group during the period of reviewing and eva luating the undergraduate teaching work of GMU.