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GMU Holds the 51st Sports Meeting

Author: Posttime:2018-10-25 17:28:00 View Count:91

    The rainy days in the past few days have been dispelled by the sun. On the morning of October 25th, the Opening Ceremony for the 51st Sports Meeting of GMU was held in the Huangjin Campus Stadium of GMU. GMU learders Li Gongjin, Liu Qian, Liu Min, Chen Liang, Huang Ruizhong, Ye Junming, Xiao Shuhui, as well as the leaders concerned in charge of the GMU Labor Union, Division of Students’ Affairs of GMU, the Youth League Committee, the Division of Academic Affairs and the School of Rehabilitation attended the opening ceremony. GMU Vice-president Liu Min hosted the opening ceremony.

    At 8:00 a.m., the Honor Guard, Athletes Team, Judges Team, School of Basic Medicine Sciences Team, School of the First Clinical Medicine Team, School of NursingTeam, School of Pharmacy Team, School of Information Engineering Team, School of International EducationTeam, Graduates Team, Ideological and Political Department Team, the Library Team, Logistics GroupTeam, the Administration Organs Team, the Third Affiliated Hospital of GMU Team, the Second Affiliated Hospital of GMU Team and the First Affiliated Hospital of GMU Team entered the arena in turns. The strong and vigorous steps and sonorous slogans gave display to the spirits and charisma of GMU faculty and students.   

    After the majestic national anthem and the flag-raising ceremony, GMU president Liu Qian delivered the opening speech. Of the speech, he pointed out that GMU boasted the fine tradition of attaching importance to physical training. The Sports Meeting had been the stage for the faculty and students to give display to physical culture and communication and it was significant to promote campus culture, intensify spiritual civilization development and realize the “Building School with Culture”.

    Liu Qian hoped all the athletes to respect judges, respect opponents, and strive hard for good performance. He also hoped all judges to fulfill their duties and promote the development of school sports with hard work and sweat. And all the colleges and departments concerned should carefully organize and enthusiastically serve to ensure the healthy, safe and orderly conduct of the sports meeting.

    Liu Qian emphasized that 2018 was an important year for GMU to fully implement the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan", and it was also a crucial period for GMU to meet the review and eva luation.

    During the ceremony, on behalf of all athletes and judges, athlete representative Pang Li and judge representative as well as Fang Qiao, a Batch 2017 student majoring in undergraduate human movement, respectively took an oath. GMU leaders carried out the fitness running with the Batch 2018 students from School of Basic Medicine Sciences. The student teams of each college also conducted the Taijiquan or the Chinese Shadowboxing performance.

    In the following three days, nearly 1,500 athletes from each institution and college will compete in nearly 40 student competitions, more than 20 faculty competitions and 9 retired staff entertainment projects.