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Director Xu Guangming of the China Education Daily in Jiangxi Visits GMU

Author: Posttime:2018-10-29 17:31:00 View Count:85

    On the evening of October 28th, Xu Guangming, the director of the China Education Daily in Jiangxi & the associate managing editor of Jiangxi Education, was invited to visit GMU and give lectures in GMU. More than 200 people participated in the study, including all members of the GMU Party Committee of CPC, journalists from all units, students concerned from all departments.

    With the theme of news interviews and writing skills, Xu Guangming shared his working experience and experience in journalist for more than 30 years. Xu Guangming analyzed the social environment in which college journalists were located, and guided them on how to collect, process and publish information.
    Xu Guangming discussed how to improve the media literacy of contemporary college students, interpreted the meaning of media literacy in detail, and explained the media literacy of college journalists from the aspects of writing ability, communication ability and news sensitivity ability. At the same time, ways and methods for university journalists to improve media literacy were pointed out.