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The 51st Sports Meeting Ends Successfully

Author: Posttime:2018-10-29 17:33:00 View Count:117

    On the afternoon of October 27th, after finishing all the competitions, the 51st Sports Meeting ended successfully in the Huangjin Campus Stadium of GMU. GMU leaders Liu Min and Ye Junming, as well as Wen Youliang, Yan Yiming, Wang Sikun and Lian Lu of the Organizing Committee, attended the closing ceremony. Liu Min declared the 51st Sports Meeting closed, and vice-president Ye Junming hosted the closing ceremony.

    During the sports meeting, thousands of teachers and students interpreted the Olympic spirit of "faster, higher and stronger" with actions, showing the love and unremitting pursuit of sports of all GMU Members.

    GMU leaders presented awards to the winners. During this sports meeting, School of Basic Medicine Sciences Team, School of the First Clinical Medicine Team and School of Rehabilitation Team ranked the top three with the marks of 501, 276 and 244. As for faculty teams, School of Rehabilitation Team, the Third Affiliated Hospital of GMU Team and the Administration Organs Team, ranked the top three with the number of gold medals of 20, 19 and 7.

    School of Basic Medicine Sciences, School of Nursing and School of Rehabilitation won the “PE Morality Award”. School of Basic Medicine Sciences, the First Affiliated Hospital of GMU and School of Nursing won the “Organizing Award”.

    During the sports meeting, Batch 2018 student majoring in human movement of School of Rehabilitation, Liu Mengqi broke the original record of 4.70 meters in the women's long jump competition with a new record of 4.72 meters.

    Liu Min delivered the closing speech. He warmly congratulated the athletes who had achieved excellent results in the sports meeting and extended heartfelt thanks to the judges, staff, teachers and students who had worked hard.

    Liu Min hoped that the fighting spirit shown in the sports meeting will be integrated into the future study, work and life, so as to create a new GMU.