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GMU Project of GCOIDIC Has Achieved a Batch of Scientific Research Accomplishments

Author: Posttime:2018-11-05 10:44:00 View Count:116

    From November 3rd to 4th, the progress report meeting of Gannan Camellia Oleifera Industry Development Innovation Center (GCOIDIC) was held in the Huangjin Campus of GMU. GMU president Liu Qian, and director of the Research Institute of Grain Storage and Transportation of the Academy of State Administration of Grain and Materials Storage, Zhang Zhongjie, attended it and gave speeches. Professor Yu Chuyi from the "Hundred-Talent Program" of Institute of Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the associate dean of the School of Chemical Engineering of Jiangxi Normal University, Peng Yiyuan, attended the meeting as project eva luation experts. Director of the Division of Scientific Research and Industry of GMU, Fan Xiaona hosted the meeting.


    A total of 28 projects were put into discussion in the project progress report meeting, including 13 PI projects and 15 open fund projects. During the meeting, the project managers reported in detail the progress of the project, the results of the research, the use of funds, and the problems and difficulties. Overall, the projects progressed smoothly, and a number of research and development achievements were abtained.
    Zhang Zhongjie appreciated the achievements of Gannan Camellia Oleifera Industry Development Innovation Center. And the project eva luation experts put forward constructive opinions and suggestions from the direction of the research of Gannan Camellia Oleifera Industry Development Innovation Center.
    In the speech, Liu Qian was gratified that all the projects had achieved certain results, and emphasized that the project managers should attach importance to the protection of intellectual property rights and the industrialization and promotion of the achievements.