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GMU Wins Remarkable Achievements in the 2nd WMCSIE Contest

Author: Posttime:2018-11-12 11:06:00 View Count:77

    The 2nd World Medical College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest (WMCSIEC) in Pharmacy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as the Reforms in Practical Education and Training Competition, was held in Tianjin. The competition was jointly hosted by Joint Committee of State-level Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center and China Pharmaceutical University, and it was undertaken by School of Pharmacology Science and Technology, Tianjin University.

    After intense competition, under the guidance of Luo Renshi and Hu Xin, Deng Rinuan, Zhang Sonan, Xu Ping and Jin Dongfu from School of Pharmacy won the second prize as a group.

    It is reported that the competition attracted foreign universities to participate for the first time. Nearly 500 teachers and students from 6 well-known foreign universities in United States, including California Institute of Technology and Princeton University, Germany, Thailand, and other countries and more than 70 famous domestic medical colleges and universities participated in the competition. The competition has created a platform for the exchange of innovative and entrepreneurial achievements and experimental teaching reform in the field of pharmacy. It is of great significance to promote the reform of innovative and entrepreneurship education and further improve the quality of cultivating innovative talents in pharmacy.