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GMU President Liu Qian Meets the Guests from Lincoln Memorial University

Author: Posttime:2018-11-12 11:07:00 View Count:77

    On the morning of November 12th, Liu Qian, the president of GMU, met with Jonathan Leo, the executive vice president of the DCOM Medical College of Lincoln Memorial University. Directors from the School of International Education attended the meeting.

    Liu Qian firstly reviewed the process of the friendly cooperation between the two universities, learned about the study and life of medical exchange students in Lincoln Memorial University, and proposed the desire to further improve the medical student exchange program. He hoped that the two universities would actively prepare for the 3+1 cooperation in biology and strengthen the process eva luation management of medical exchange students. Dr. Jonathan Leo said that DCOM Medical College of Lincoln Memorial University would continue to deepen the friendly cooperation with GMU in teacher-student exchanges and cooperation in running schools.
    It is reported that Jonathan Leo was invited to visit GMU and conduct a 10-day faculty training in the internationalization of medical education.