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GMU Holds the Job Fair for Graduates in 2019 in Zhanggong Campus

Author: Posttime:2018-11-17 18:20:00 View Count:93

    On November 17th, the Job Fair for Next Year’s Graduates was held in Zhanggong Campus of GMU.  

    More than 100 employing units participated in the fair totally, offering more than 5,000 positions covering all majors of next year’s graduates.



    The job fair attracted many graduates from GMU. The atmosphere was warm and orderly. GMU leaders Liu Qian, Liu Min and Ye Junming came to the fair in person to have exchange with the employers and deliver directions to the graduates.


    This job fair made full use of information and communication technologies, and adopted the new "double selection" recruitment method combined with the "Internet +" online and offline together. On the one hand, the employment information was showed on the website comprehensively, which made it more convenient for graduates to have a comprehensive understanding of the company's profile and recruitment information. On the other hand, the graduate information collection QR code was set at the entrance of the job fair. Through the "Internet +" data analysis, the department concerned knew the total number of students attending the conference, as well as their majors, the target employers and other information, so as to eva luate the effect of the job fair and improve it in the future.

    On the afternoon of the same day, the job fair was successfully completed. About 70% of the graduates reached an employment intention with the employers.