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Li Gongjin Visits South Korea and the USA

Author: Posttime:2018-11-23 16:23:00 View Count:114

    From November 12th to 19th, Li Gongjin, the GMU Secretary of the Party Committee of CPC, led a delegation of six people to visit Daaegu Hanny University in South Korea and Yale University, Lincoln Memorial University and Johns Hopkins University, hospitals and other institutions.
    During the visit to Daaegu Hanny University, both parties signed a framework agreement to further deepen cooperation between the two universities, and determined that the two universities intensified cooperation in the integration of production, education, research and development, the teachers and students exchange and short-term exchanges in the future.


    The delegation visited Professor Chen Lieping's Laboratory, a world-renowned immunologist, and Professor Huang Yingqun's Laboratory of Department of Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine in Yale University. They had friendly talks with Professor Karl Insogna, a renowned endocrinologist at Yale University. They also talked with experts on personnel training, scientific research planning and high-level laboratory construction.
    During the visit to Lincoln Memorial University, both parties signeda memorandum of cooperation on the undergraduate program "Biotechnology 3 + 1". Both parties conducted in-depth discussions on the curriculum design of biotechnology major, teacher training, the awarding of academic certificates of the two universities, further development of the "3+1+1" master's program of biotechnology, and the doctoral program of clinical medicine. At the same time, the delegation visited Lincoln Memorial University. The both parties also discussed and exchanged on the reform of clinical medicine education and the cultivation of students' abilities.


    During the visit to Johns Hopkins University, Li Gongjin's delegation visited the Affiliated Hospitals of Johns Hopkins University and met with Professor Li Rong, a well-known professor of cell dynamics, Professor Leng Xiao, a well-known professor of geriatrics, Dr. Sun Dazhong, an expert on imaging and diagnostic of cardiology, as well as the outstanding alumni of GMU, Associate Professor Yu Jun and Dr. Xiong Ye. In-depth exchanges on scientific research cooperation, personnel training, geriatric cooperation and highly difficult surgery were conducted, and both parties reached many consensuses.

    The visit has enhanced GMU's deeper understanding of overseas partner institutions and laid a good foundation for precise positioning and high-level docking in the future.