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Deputy Director General Xie Benqiong Pays a Visit to Ganzhou Police Service Station for Foreign Citizens

Author: Posttime:2012-12-19 16:45:00 View Count:241

    On the afternoon 18th December, accompanied by Vice-President Liu Qian, deputy director general Chen Fujiang from Ganzhou Public Security Bureau and deputy director Chen Xunxin from Exit-Entry Administration Division of Ganzhou Public Security Bureau(EEADGPSB),deputy director general Xie Benqiong from Exit-Entry Administration Bureau of Public Security Department of Jiangxi Province(EEABPSDJP)paid a visit to Ganzhou Police Service Station for Foreign Citizens(GPSSFC) in Huangjin Campus of Gannan Medical University(GMU), knowing the facilities and office work of this station in person.

     On behalf of EEABPSDJP, Xie Benqiong extended a sincere thanks to the leaders of GMU to the establishment of this station. He said, overseas students education cause of GMU gain remarkable accomplishments over the past years, greatly supporting the work of EEABPSDJP. And GPSSFC not only served the visa extension for University Town foreign citizens, also promoted Chinese laws and policies.

      On behalf of GMU, Vice-President Liu Qian extended a warm welcome to deputy director general Xie Benqiong. Liu Qian said, GMU leaders laid emphasis on the establishment of GPSSFC. School of International Education did cooperation with EEADGPSBto have well made work concerned. GPSSFC not only conveniently served foreign citizens’ visa extension of Ganzhou and promoted friendship, also inevitably more propelled the internationalization of Ganzhou. 

      Director General Xie Benqiong had a talk with China-foreign students, knew the study life of overseas students, encouraged the overseas students to cherish this opportunity to study in China and served their motherlands’ medical causes after successful graduation.