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Leaders and Doctoral Supervisors of the SFCMS Hold Special Class Meetings for All the Classes in SFCMS

Author: Posttime:2018-12-03 15:20:00 View Count:105

    From December 1st to 2nd, all the leaders and doctoral supervisors of the School of the First Clinical Medicine Sciences (SFCMS) held special class meetings for all the classes in SFCMS of GMU.

    The theme of the class meeting was "We are all GMU members". Combined with the eva luation of undergraduate teaching work of GMU, as well as their own learning and work experiences, the leaders and doctoral supervisors of the SFCMS talked about GMU, FAHGMU, life, dreams, study and growth with students, and encouraged them to love their country and GMU and work hard.

    GMU vice-president Ye Junming, together with Dr. Liu Quanliang, went to attend the class meeting of Class 2 of Batch 2017 Undergraduate Anesthesiology Majors, and discussed with the students. Ye Junming pointed out that in the stage of the undergraduate teaching work eva luation, the special class meeting aimed to help students to grow into talents. In the future, students can communicate with Dr. Liu Quanliang in terms of learning, life and emotions. Ye Junming also explained the relevant knowledge of undergraduate teaching work eva luation, and discussed with the students on “what ‘I' can do for undergraduate teaching work eva luation”.

    Professor Zou Xiaofeng, together with Dr. Xie Tianpeng, went to attend the special class meeting of Batch 2017 Clinical Medicine Majors. Zou Xiaofeng introduced the innovative way of the Urology team of FAHGMU. He encouraged students to study hard to become a good medical talent with a sense of responsibility, innovation and practical ability.

    Li Liangdong, the deputy secretary of the SFCMS Party Committee of CPC, associate dean Ye Jun, Wei Xiaojun, Zhong Qiuming, Xu Xiaojun, Peng Lei and Chen Yijian, entered classes to hold special class meetings one after another.


    Students consulted the leaders and doctoral supervisors on future planning, postgraduate entrance examination process, postgraduate entrance examination and employment and pros and cons of exchange students.
    Students said that they would bear in mind their identity and mission as a member of GMU.