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GMU Participates in the 2nd Jiangxi University Science and Technology Achievements Meeting

Author: Posttime:2018-12-09 17:36:00 View Count:99

    On December 7th, the 2nd Jiangxi University Science and Technology Achievements Meeting was held in Nanchang. The opening ceremony was hosted by Ye Rensun, the director of Jiangxi Education Department & Deputy Secretary of Education department of Jingxi Party Committee of CPC. GMU president Liu Qian led the relevant personnel of GMU to attend the meeting. The meeting was held for two days with the theme of "promoting the integration of industry, education, research and application in the new era, and helping Jiangxi to develop with high quality". 


    Yao Zengke, the chairman of Jiangxi CPPCC (Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference), Liu Qiang, the standing member of Jiangxi CPPCC & vice-governor of Jiangxi Province, Shi Xiaolin, the standing member of Jiangxi CPPCC & director of the Propaganda Department, and Liu Weiping, the vice chairman of Jiangxi CPPCC, visited GMU. Liu Qian introduced the scientific and technological achievements of GMU over the past years.


    During the meeting, GMU displayed important scientific research achievements and patented technology, important scientific research innovation platform, main scientific research innovation teams, achievements in serving local economic construction and deep-processing products of camellia oleifera, which attracted many visitors. Liu qian also demonstrated the operation of laparoscopic surgery and the first-aid system of the First Affiliated Hospital of GMU (FAHGMU), and he was interviewed by Jiangxi TV station.


    GMU vice-president Chen Liang, as well as directors of Division of Scientific Research and Industry and Division of Academic Affairs, participated in the Forum of Intelligence Teaching and Classroom Revolution, the Forum of Industry-Education Integration and the Forum of the Development of Institute of Institute of International Cooperation and Innovation.