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3 Innovative Works of Nursing Health Education of the FAHGMU Win Prizes in Jiangxi Province

Author: Posttime:2018-12-12 17:38:00 View Count:100

    On December 7th, the First Innovative Work Competition of Nursing Health Education in Jiangxi Province was held in Nanchang. Three entries from the First Affiliated Hospital of GMU (FAHGMU) were awarded.

    The competition was hosted by Nursing Society of Jiangxi Province and undertaken by Jiangxi Science Communication Committee. The theme of the competition was "spreading health knowledge, promoting disease rehabilitation". The aim was to deepen the popularization of nursing health science, improve the health education skills and level of nursing staff, at the same time to spread scientific and correct health concepts and health knowledge and improve the level of health management.
     The competition consists of three modules, namely, Health Education Materials, Health Education Videos, and Scene Simulation. There were nearly 200 participants and 88 entries.
    "Pre-hospital Emergency Health Education of Cerebral Stroke", selected by the Department of Neurology of Huangjin Area of the FAHGMU, highlights the importance of pre-hospital identification of cerebral stroke, to promote the pre-hospital health knowledge of the cerebral stroke and improve the relevant examination of cerebral stroke.
    The work has won the third prize in the "Scene Simulation" module because of its good innovation, popularity, practicality and fun. At the same time, selected from the ICU and the Department of Cardiology of FAHGMU, "the Pancreas" and "Things about Hypertension" won the third prizes in the "Health Education Videos" module.