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Ganzhou Branch of Jiangxi Research Hospital Association is Founded

Author: Posttime:2018-12-17 17:41:00 View Count:125

    On December 14th, the founding conference of Ganzhou Branch of Jiangxi Research Hospital Association (GBJRHA) was held in the multi-functional hall of Jinjiang International Hotel in Ganzhou. 209 representatives from 69 medical institutions in Ganzhou participated in the meeting. The First Committee of Ganzhou Branch was elected and the first academic conference was held.

    Professor Yang Qingmin from Health Policy and Medical Management Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University attended the meeting. GMU president Liu Qian attended it and made a speech. Professor Yi Yingping, director of China Research Hospital Association (CRHA), hosted the meeting and announced the approval of the establishment of GBJRHA. 

    After the deliberation, 209 candidates were elected as the first members of GBJRHA. 67 members, including Zou Xiaofeng, Zhang Guoxie, Chen Yijian, Zeng Kanghua, Zhang Xiaoan, Huang Ming and Liu Hui, were elected as standing members of GBJRHA. Zou Xiaofeng, the vice president of the First Affiliated Hospital of GMU (FAHGMU), was elected as the first chairman.

     In his speech, Liu Qian expressed warm congratulations on the establishment of GBJRHA.

    After the founding conference, the first "Discipline Construction Forum" and "Hospital Management Forum" were held. During the "Discipline Construction Forum", Chairman Zou Xiaofeng gave the speech "Talk about the Things on Innovation".

    Professor Yang Qingmin, the special guest, made a special report on "Hospital Service Management Process Optimization and Improvement - Construction of High-quality Service System" during the "Hospital Management Forum".