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The Renovation Project of CSIEPGMU has been Successfully Completed

Author: Posttime:2018-12-17 13:36:00 View Count:73

    Recently, 130 days were spent to successfully complete the renovation project of the College Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Park of GMU (CSIEPGMU) in Huangjin Campus.

    This transformation is located in the incubator of students’ independent entrepreneurship. Starting from its functionality and practicability, the design is simple and generous, transparent and clean, economical and applicable. The original building structure has been partially demolished, and the floor tiling, latex paint wall surface, suspended ceiling shape and floor glass window have been transformed.

    The CSIEPGMU is located on the third floor of the College Student Activity Center in the Huangjin Campus of GMU, with an area of 1,280 square meters. In the area, there are some sections such as the exhibition center of Each School Creator's achievements, business incubator, Creator's coffee, leisure book bar and so on. They are full-featured, distinctive and have a wide range of services. At the same time, the incentive measures of "rent-free, water and electricity-free, and network fee-free" are implemented. The construction of the park provides an incubation base for entrepreneurship nursery, a practical platform for the cultivation of college students’ abilities, and an effective carrier for the combination of production, teaching and research.