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GMU President Liu Qian is Elected as the Vice President of the EASAOJP&AOSOJP

Author: Posttime:2018-12-24 13:43:00 View Count:110

    On the afternoon of December 21, the first session of the second Council of the European and American Students' Association of Jiangxi Province and the Association of Overseas Students of Jiangxi Province (EASAOJP&AOSOJP) was held in Nanchang. Chen Xingchao, Standing Committee member of the Provincial Party Committee and Minister of the United Front Department, attended it and delivered a speech.
    A new Council came into existence by voting. Liu Qian, GMU President, was elected as the vice-president of the EASAOJP&AOSOJP. Xu Xiaojun, Zhong Fu and Liu Zi were elected as the members of the Council for a five-year term.
    In his speech, Chen Xingchao stressed that the majority of returned overseas students in Jiangxi province should build their original intention of studying abroad and remember their missions of serving China. They deserved to be the precious wealth of the Party and the people, the vital force for realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and the important talent resources for promoting the high-quality development of Jiangxi. He encouraged the returned overseas students to devote themselves to innovative creation practice and serve economic and social development. Centering on the center and serving the overall situation, each was required to comprehensively implement the provincial Party committee's working principle of "innovative leadership, reform and fortification, opening up and promotion, green development, practical work and prosperity of the people of Jiangxi", and make new and greater contributions to the new development of Jiangxi in the new era.