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Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Li Song Pays a Visit to GMU

Author: Posttime:2018-12-28 13:46:00 View Count:103

    On the morning of December 28, Li Song, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and researcher of the Institute of Toxicology and Drugs of the Military Medical Research Institute of the Academy of Military Sciences, together with Zhao Xilu, Deputy investigator of the Department of Medicine and Health of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, visited the Key Laboratory of Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Disease Prevention and Control of the Ministry of Education of China, the Laboratory Animal Center, and the Red Museum of Health History, accompanied by GMU President Liu Qian, Vice-President Huang Ruizhong.

    Liu Qian, on behalf of GMU, extended a warm welcome to Academician Li Song and expressed his heartfelt thanks for caring for the development of medical and health services in the old areas of southern Jiangxi. Huang Ruizhong introduced the basic situation of school construction and development from the aspects of educational history, disciplines and specialties, school scale, graduate education and teachers, as well as the main achievements of GMU in personnel training, scientific research, social service and cultural inheritance. He Wei, the Dean of the School of Pharmacy, introduced the faculty, curriculum and discipline construction of the School of Pharmacy. He Wei focused on the research achievements in pharmacology, pharmacochemistry, pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical analysis and pharmacognosy in recent years.

    Li Song, after listening carefully to the introduction and exchange of scientific researchers, said that he was very happy to see young doctors, to feel the vitality emanating from the doctors, and to see the vigorous development trend of GMU. Doctors’ career choice is very correct. Health was the ultimate pursuit of human beings and it was closely related to people's sense of attainment and happiness. It was a very meaningful thing to build a successful career in this field. Combining with their own experience of scientific research and development, young teachers were encouraged to sink their minds, take root at the grass-roots level and work steadfastly at the best age of their careers. While gaining a sense of personal success, they are bound to contribute to the national health cause and the people's health cause.

    Li Song pointed out that the development of traditional Chinese medicine in the old area of southern Jiangxi had a long history, excellent geographical conditions and unique resources. Camellia oleifera drug research had good prospects for development. He was very willing to provide assistance in discipline construction, fund application, project cooperation and so on. Li Song also provided a prescription for the development of the School of Pharmacy in terms of meeting the national medical and health needs and serving the local economic and social development.

    Doctors of relevant specialties and leaders from the Division of Scientific Research Industry, the School of Pharmacy, the School of Basic Medicine Science and the Scientific Research Center of GMU participated in the discussion.