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Academician Li Zhaoshen Pays a Visit to FAHGMU

Author: Posttime:2018-12-29 13:48:00 View Count:117


    On the morning of December 28, Li Zhaoshen, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and director of digestion Department of Changhai Hospital, Naval Military Medical University, visited the First Affiliated Hospital of GMU (FAHGMU) and held a symposium. Liao Zhigang, Vice Chairman of the Ganzhou CPPCC, Chen Liang, Member of the Party Committee and Vice President of GMU, Lai Weiguo, President of the Municipal People's Hospital, Fang Huiqing, Deputy Investigator of the Municipal Health Planning Commission, Huang Zhiqin, Vice Director of the Graduate Department of GMU, Zou Xiaofeng, Li Liangdong, members of the leading group of the Affiliated Hospital, and other digestive medicine experts and business backbone participated in the discussion.

    Academician Li Zhaoshen said that he had made great achievements in attending the talent summit in the old area of southern Jiangxi, and felt the speed of urban development and the enthusiasm of the people in the area. As a soldier and medical practitioner, he will give full support to the strategy of revitalization and development of the old areas in southern Jiangxi, and strive to do practical things for the healthy development of the people in southern Jiangxi.

    Academician Li Zhaoshen, after listening carefully to the introduction of the digestive medicine department of the First Affiliated Hospital of GMU, said that he would carry out various forms of cooperation, jointly train postgraduates and doctors, improve the level of discipline construction of the First Affiliated Hospital of GMU, and help the digestive department of the First Affiliated Hospital of GMU to develop new frontier medical technology.

    On behalf of GMU, Chen Liang thanked Academician Li Zhaoshen's team for its visit. He said that with the strong support of Academician Li Zhaoshen's team, there would be a qualitative leap in the medical, scientific research level and personnel construction of digestive disciplines in the First Affiliated Hospital of GMU.
    Li Zhaoshen is the Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Director of Department of Internal Medicine, Changhai Hospital Affiliated to Naval Military Medical University, Director of Clinical Research Center for Digestive Diseases, Director of Institute of Digestive Internal Medicine and Director of Digestive Endoscopy Center of the Army. He is the Executive Chairman of the World Conference on Gastroenterology, the President of the International Conference on Ultrasound Endoscopy and the President of the International Conference on Pancreatic Diseases.