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A National Heart Failure Center is Founded in the First Affiliated Hospital of GMU

Author: Posttime:2019-01-03 11:20:00 View Count:99

    On December 28, the second batch of China Heart Failure Center Licensing Training Conference and Heart Failure Center Map Conference were held in Suzhou. After strict pre-qualification examination and on-site verification, the Executive Committee of China Heart Failure Center Certification Committee voted, and the First Affiliated Hospital of GMU (FAHGMU) was awarded one of the second batch of licenses by China Heart Failure Center, which is the only hospital in southern Jiangxi Province that passed the certification unit of Heart Failure Center.

    It is known that the Cardiovascular Medicine Department of the FAHGMU started to establish a heart failure center in 2018. Its members include heart failure specialists, cardiologists, general practitioners or grass-roots doctors, nurses or doctor assistants, clinical pharmacists, nutritionists, rehabilitation doctors and psychologists. As for the treatment of heart failure, besides standardizing the treatment of Western medicine for heart failure, the hospital vigorously promoted the assistant treatment of instrument implantation (CRT/ICD) and achieved satisfactory results. As for the critical patients with heart failure, the application level of artificial membranous lung (ECMO) is also at an advanced level in China, which has successfully saved the lives of critically ill patients who are ineffective in conventional treatment for many times.On the management of patients with heart failure, departments adopt a variety of measures online and offline, formulate and strictly implement detailed management and follow-up plans for patients with heart failure, design a special patient management database, establish a comprehensive management team of multi-disciplinary consultation MTD, establish a heart failure clinic, a special bed for heart failure, and organize a series of health education activities for patients with heart failure, achieving fine results.

    In the future, the hospital will further integrate resources, promote the Ganzhou's management level of heart failure treatment, train excellent doctors, standardize the process of heart failure diagnosis and treatment, conscientiously implement it and promote it to grass-roots hospitals, realize the continuous management of heart failure patients among different medical institutions, and provide standardized and high-quality heart failure diagnosis and treatment services for patients.