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6 GMU Students Rescue the Fallen Old Person in Time

Author: Posttime:2019-01-10 11:24:00 View Count:100

    "The doctor said that if I was sent later, I'll be paralyzed. Thank you all. Thank you for saving me.” At 9 a.m. on Jan. 9, in front of 8th Dormitory in Zhanggong Campus, Li Zhuqing, an old person who was over the age of 60, firmly grasped the hands of six students, including Qiyuan, and said that with great excitement. The golden banner, which read "Gannan Medical University students are well-educated and all 6 students save me from danger", was sent to the six students.

    It is known that at about 12 a.m. on December 28 six students, including Qiyuan, Yang Luqi, Hulina, Wei Tian, Han Jiaxin and Xu Aiping, from Class 5, 8 and 9 of the MBBS majors of the School of Basic Medicine Science, saw an old man walking abnormally and falling down on the Huancheng Road near the side gate of Zhanggong Campus. They immediately went to help the old man with their medical knowledge. The students felt that the old man was abnormal. They immediately dialed 120 and rescued the old man. Afterwards, the hospital confirmed that the old person had mild cerebral infarction. If there was no timely help from the students, it would cause paralysis of the whole body and life-threatening risk.
    After nearly 10 days of treatment, the old person came to GMU at the first time after the old person was discharged from hospital. Only then did the old person find the six students who did good deeds without leaving their names.
    Over the past year, the GMU has vigorously carried out benevolence education and promoted the spirit of benevolence through such forms as "Five Love" theme class meeting, "Five One" theme social practice and "Greetings to Teachers" theme education. A number of advanced models have emerged. They have demonstrated the new image of GMU in the new era with practical actions, and have been widely praised by the society.