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GMU Holds a Meeting on the Campus Planning Revision of Huangjin Campus

Author: Posttime:2019-01-10 11:25:00 View Count:101

    On the morning of January 10, GMU held a report meeting on the revision of campus planning in Huangjin Campus. Secretary of the GMU Party Committee of CPC Li Gongjin, GMU President Liu Qian, GMU Vice-President Liu Min, Chen Liang and Huang Ruizhong, members of the GMU Party Committee and Secretary of the Discipline Commission Xiao Shuhui, attended the meeting. All schools’ top leaders and relevant functional departments leaders also attended it. Huang Ruizhong presided over the briefing.

    The representative of the Planning and Revision Design Unit of Huangjin Campus made a presentation. Participants approved the campus planning plan one after another, and put forward suggestions on cultural factors, venue internal settings, dangerous goods handling, equipment shock absorption requirements, Park facilities, etc.

    After listening carefully to the reports and exchanges and making supplementary explanations on the orientation and functional zoning of campus planning, Li Gongjin pointed out that campus planning involved all aspects, not only the beautiful working and living environment, but also the functionality and convenience of daily work. Participants were required to rethink and fully express opinions, including not only the suggestions on the large block of campus planning, but also the factors such as housing structure, color use, cultural expression, building structure and so on. In the light of respective work practice, participants were required to fully consider the rationality of function and convenience of use, and bring forward professional opinions for discussion as soon as possible. At the same time, the requirements for sewage treatment, children's placement, the activity area for the old and eva luation work were also put forward.
    Liu Qian pointed out that the standards of campus planning and design should be high, that sufficient reservations should be made, and that the functions should be long-lasting. Every one should further do a good job of pre-investigation, link up with the surrounding regional municipal planning, refine the functional layout of each campus block, fully consider the openness of different blocks, and highlight the theme of Campus cultural inheritance.