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GMU President Liu Qian Checks Campus Security Work

Author: Posttime:2019-01-16 11:28:00 View Count:124

    In order to do a good job in campus safety during winter vacation and ensure that the work of the school in the new semester is carried out in a solid and orderly manner, on the morning of January 16, GMU President Liu Qian went to the first, second, third, fourth and fifth experimental buildings, student dormitories and canteens of the Huangjin Campus for a major safety inspection. GMU Vice-President Chen Liang, together with other leaders concerned, accompanied Liu Qian.

    In No.1-5 experimental buildings, Liu Qian inspected the fire control facilities, waste liquor and experimental animal treatment, inquired about the storage and use management of dangerous chemicals, consulted the accounts of dangerous chemicals entering and leaving the warehouse, and put forward suggestions for rectification of various potential safety hazards. Liu Qian pointed out that each department/unit should establish rules and regulations, take responsibility for people, conduct them layer by layer, attach great importance to laboratory fire control, use and protection of dangerous chemicals, and continue to strengthen laboratory safety education.

    In No.3&4 student dormitories, Liu Qian listened to the work reports of the students’ office, the head of Rehabilitation School and the staff of dormitory management. He inquired in detail about the use of air conditioning and water heater in dormitory. He emphasized that safety awareness should be strengthened, that the sense of the water and electricity usage should be emphasized, and that the investigation of potential safety hazards should be strengthened to prevent all kinds of safety accidents.

    In the second dining hall, Liu Qian inspected the canteen warehouse, vegetable processing area, cooking area, washing area and so on. He had a detailed understanding of the implementation of the food safety system, the cleaning and disinfection of tableware, food sample retention and so on. He said that food safety should be put in the first place, that food purchase and production should be ensured, and that food safety hidden dangers should be eliminated resolutely, so as to lay a solid foundation for the establishment of a harmonious and safe campus.