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FAHGMU Opens the Organ Transplantation Clinic

Author: Posttime:2019-01-18 16:56:00 View Count:152

    On January 17, the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University (FAHGMU) held the signing ceremony of strategic alliance and the first "OTP (Organ Transplantation Patients)" meeting in Huangjin Branch. The framework agreement for establishing strategic partnership hospital was formally signed with the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University (FAHGZMU), and the first organ transplantation clinic in southern Jiangxi was opened.

    Professor Li Yimin, the Secretary of the FAHGZMU Party Committee of CPC, Professor Xie Shaobo, Director of Cardiac Surgery, Professor Liu Xiaoyou, Director of OPO, Professor Wang Xin from Renji Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University, former Director of Nankang District Health Planning Commission Liu Pinghua, and FAHGMU leaders Zou Xiaofeng, Xu Xiaojun, Wu Hai, Peng Lei, Chen Yijian and Zhang Guoxi attended the signing ceremony.

    On the morning of the same day, the first organ transplantation clinic in southern Jiangxi was officially opened in the FAHGMU. Professor Liu Xiaoyou of the FAHGZMU led urology and nephrology specialists to sit in the clinic. More than 50 "OTPs" were diagnosed and treated and experts answered questions.

    The outpatient clinic relies on the expert team of the dean of the FAHGZMU He Jianxing, Li Yimin, Liu Xiaoyou, Xie Shaobao and Professor Wang Xin, and the expert team of urology, nephrology, hepatobiliary surgery, digestive medicine, thoracic and cardiac surgery, cardiology and respiratory medicine of the FAHGMU, to provide reference for follow-up, monitoring and treatment of complications after organ transplantation and to provide first-class diagnostic and therapeutic services in China

    At noon, the FAHGMU arranged meals for organ transplant patients and experts. Liu Xiaoyou and Xu Xiaojun held talks with the "OTPs" to encourage them to be confident. The patients praised the FAHGZMU and Professor Liu Xiaoyou's team for doing a good deed for the organ transplantation patients in the area of southern Jiangxi.

    In the afternoon of the same day, the first "OTP" meeting was held in the outpatient Hall of the Huangjin Branch of FAHGMU. Professors Liu Xiaoyou and Wang Xin held academic lectures in the field of organ transplantation. Leaders in charge of the medical and preventive health departments of the hospital explained the relevant policies and outpatient arrangements for organ transplantation.