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The Old Age Rehabilitation Branch of TAHGMU Wins the Advanced Collective Title of GOAA

Author: Posttime:2019-01-28 16:59:00 View Count:191

    Recently, it was learned from the relevant departments that the old-age rehabilitation branch (Yongchang Hospital) of the Third Affiliated Hospital of GMU (TAHGMU) was awarded the Advanced Collective Title of Ganzhou Old Age Association (GOAA) in 2018, and Nursing Worker Lin Chunnu was awarded the title of Excellent Nurse.
    The Yongchang hospital is the executive director of the Chinese Association for the Promotion of Traditional Chinese Medicine Research. In 2015, with the approval of Ganzhou Development and Reform Commission, more than 20 million Yuan was invested to rebuild the old hospital and build a project of medical and nursing integration. Yongchang Hospital covers an area of 30 Mu with a building area of nearly 10,000 ㎡. It has five nursing units and 300 beds.


    Since its establishment, Li Huadong, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC, and the leaders of relevant provincial and municipal departments have visited the hospital for research and guidance. Dr. Liu Hao from the School of Medicine Science of North Texas University, Vice Chairman of Jiangxi Rehabilitation Medical Association, and Feng Zhen, Director of Rehabilitation Quality Control Center, visited the hospital for guidance. People's Network, Guangming Network, Dajiang Network, Ganzhou TV Station, Gannan Daily and other news media reported on the hospital's medical and nursing integration project. It has been listed as the observation point of the Provincial Working Conference on the integration of medical care and maintenance. The Second Affiliated Hospital of Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine came to the hospital for exchanges.
    Adhering to the tenet of "Reassuring the Old, Comforting the Sons & Daughters of the Old, Reassuring the Government and Reassuring the Society", the hospital provides the old with safe, high-quality and affordable old-age care and medical-elderly services with professional medical team and first-class service level, and strives to explore a successful way of combining medical and nursing care.