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GMU Overseas Students Have a Joyous Celebration of the Spring Festival

Author: Posttime:2019-02-02 17:03:00 View Count:178

    “Happy Chinese New Year 2019. Good Luck.”

    On the afternoon of February 2, on the eve of the Lunar Chinese New Year Festival, more than 150 GMU foreign students gathered in the Huanjin Campus to celebrate the Spring Festival and send New Year's greetings to all teachers and students in Chinese.

    GMU Vice-President Liu Min, Ye Junming and the heads of relevant departments jointly celebrate the Spring Festival of 2019 with all foreign teachers and students. Teachers and students make dumplings and write fortune letters to feel the strong traditional Chinese culture and the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival.

     Affan, a Pakistani student, said, "I have lived in China for four years. Today is very unforgettable for me. GMU has made me have an unforgettable day. I feel the warmth of my home in a foreign country."

    Usman, a Pakistani student, said that he had been very fond of Chinese traditional culture since childhood. Today, he felt a strong atmosphere of the Spring Festival and appreciated the local customs and cultural charm of China. He was very excited.