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7 LMU Ph.D. Candidates Come to FAHGMU for Internship

Author: Posttime:2019-03-08 19:40:00 View Count:146

    On March 5, 7 Ph.D. candidates from Lincoln Memorial University(LMU) come to the First Affiliated Hospital of GMU (FAHGMU) for Internship, which was the largest volume of interns since 2015.

    On the morning of the same day, a Pre-internship meeting was held in the FAHGMU. Ye Jun, the Vice-President of the FAHGMU, Zhong Fuyou, associate dean of the School of International Education, representatives of some teaching teachers and staff of the teaching management department of the FAHGMU, met the 7 interns.

    Zhong Fuyou first warmly welcomed the arrival of 7 interns and they introduced themselves to the teachers. Ye Jun put forward the requirements and precautions for internship, and wished them a successful internship. The head of the teaching management department introduced the general situation of the hospital and the code of practice.
   Seven interns met with the supervisors separately, entered the department according to the rotation table, and further exchanged with the supervisors.