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GMU Has a Celebration of the International Women’s Day

Author: Posttime:2019-03-08 19:43:00 View Count:132

    In order to celebrate the 109th anniversary of International Women's Day on March 8th, the GMU held a symposium under the theme of "Carry Forward the Heroine’s Style and Achieve Accomplishments in the New Era of". Zeng Zexin, the Deputy Secretary of the GMU Party Committee of CPC, attended it and delivered a speech. Nearly 40 female representatives and workers’ committee members from the grass-roots level of GMU attended the meeting. 

    Zeng Zexin, on behalf of GMU, extended festive greetings and good wishes to all the female teachers and staff of GMU. He said that the majority of female teachers and staff responded positively to the call of the GMU Party Committee of CPC and devoted themselves to the development of GMU. They made contributions to the examination and eva luation of undergraduate teaching work, played important roles in promoting the construction of the "Five Major Projects", displayed their charm in the active campus culture, and played the main force and "Half the Sky" in promoting the reform and development of GMU.
    During the meeting, the representatives of female workers spoke actively, expressed their thoughts on the development of GMU, talked freely about how to play a role in their respective posts, and put forward suggestions on the development of GMU.
    It is reported that the thematic activities are divided into two parts, namely, field experience and thematic discussion. Before the symposium, female representatives visited the Red Museum of Health History of GMU and watched the video of campus planning and design in Huangjin Campus.