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GMU Holds the Grand Opening Ceremony for the 3rd Conference of CT and CWS

Author: Posttime:2019-03-23 16:26:00 View Count:138

    On the morning of March 23, the 9th Congress of Teachers (CT) and the 3rd session for the 10th Congress of Workers and Staff (CWS) were held in Huangjin Campus of GMU. With full political enthusiasm, strong sense of responsibility and high sense of ownership, the representatives gathered together to brainstorm and jointly plan the reform and development of GMU. 

    The conference began with the majestic national anthem. GMU leaders Li Gongjin, Liu Qian, Zeng Zexin, Chen Liang, Huang Ruizhong, Xiao Shuhui, Zhang Xiaokang and Peng Weijie sat on the rostrum. The conference was attended by 13 delegations, including 134 formal representatives, 4 specially-invited representatives and 39 nonvoting representatives. Zeng Zexin, the GMU Party Committee Deputy Secretary of CPC, hosted the conference. President Liu Qian made a report on the administrative work of GMU.

    Li Gongjin, the GMU Party Committee Secretary of CPC, put forward the requirements for the conference, emphasized the discipline, and encouraged the delegates to consciously perform their duties, actively take the initiative, devote themselves to studying the report, convey the spirit of the meeting well, especially to publicize the main tasks and ten key construction tasks of GMU in 2019.

    Liu Qian made an administrative work report entitled "Make Solid Progress in the Five Major Projects, Improve the Level of Education and Work Hard to Build a Satisfactory Medical University". The report comprehensively summarized the main work of GMU in 2018, deeply analyzed the main situations and challenges faced by the reform and development of GMU, and clearly put forward the overall ideas, main tasks and measures of the GMU administrative work in 2019.

    Liu qian pointed out that in the face of problems and shortcomings in the development process, it was not only the pressure, but also the motivation. Each member should further strengthen the awareness of hardship, urgency, vigilance and mission.


    On behalf of the 10th Trade Union Committee, the chairman of the GMU Trade Union, Wang Sikun, delivered “The Work Report of the Labor Union” during the conference. In the afternoon and next morning, the delegates would take the delegation as a unit, respectively deliberate the GMU administration, the labour union, the finance, the proposal work report and the report on the implementation of delegates'opinions proposed at the 2nd Conference.

    Before the opening ceremony, the preparatory meeting for the 9th CT and the 10th CWS was held. The meeting heard the report on the preparations concerned and adopted the list of the members of the presidium of the conference and the main agenda of the conference.