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GMU Carries Out Teachers' PPT Production Skills Training in 2019

Author: Posttime:2019-03-25 16:34:00 View Count:121

    On March 22, the Teachers' PPT Production Skills Training in 2019 was conducted in Huangjin Campus of GMU. Zhou Lifeng, a trainer of the Teaching Development Center of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, was invited to carry out PPT design and production skills training for GMU teachers. More than 100 full-time teachers from various schools attended it.
    The training was carried out in the form of workshop which combined case demonstration, theoretical teaching and on-site operation guidance. The content included the thinking and skills of teaching PPT design, the operation functions and usage methods of 2010 PPT software, the design key points and basic skills of PPT format beautification, template design, color matching, animation, etc. It mainly solved various problems encountered by teachers in the process of teaching PPT courseware production.
    During the training process, Zhou Lifeng reiterated the importance of preparing lessons, emphasized that a good PPT must be supported by good courseware content, and that a good teacher should make great efforts to teach good lessons and avoid reading from the book. The participating teachers actively interacted and practiced, and said that the training was novel in form and content-oriented, and they not only mastered a large number of practical skills, but also solved lots of problems.
    This training is one of the series of teacher teaching development training in this semester, aiming to enhance the guidance and help for the teaching development of full-time teachers and continuously improve the teaching ability of teachers.