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GMU Carries Out the Fire Control Knowledge Training and Emergency Fire Drill

Author: Posttime:2019-04-01 18:08:00 View Count:111

    On March 28 and 29, GMU invited Ganzhou Ju'an Fire Control Training lecturers to conduct fire safety knowledge training in Huangjin and Zhanggong Campuses of GMU respectively, so as to improve the fire safety awareness and self-defense and self-rescue ability of teachers and students, and to ensure the safety of the campuses.

    The training started with the analysis of the recent fire cases, and through a large number of pictures and videos, described in detail the knowledge of how to escape from the fire scene, how to prevent family fire, how to detect potential fire, how to extinguish the initial fire and how to use fire equipments. The strong visual impact left a deep impression on the trainees.

    After the theoretical training, all the trainees simulated the evacuation of the fire scene, and carried out the demonstration operation and fire fighting drill on the use of fire extinguisher and fire hose. Through training and drilling, the fire safety awareness of the staff and security personnel of GMU has been further enhanced, and the ability to find and prevent fire hazards and deal with emergencies has been enhanced.
    All the staff of the Division of Security of GMU, the Division of Students’ Affairs, the libraries and laboratories, the computer room, dorm administrators, logistics services group, canteen managers and other departments and people concerned attended the training.