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The SAHGMU Holds the 10th Anniversary Celebration

Author: Posttime:2019-04-01 18:12:00 View Count:167

    From March 28 to 29, the Second Affiliated Hospital of GMU (SAHGMU) held a celebration to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its opening. GMU vice-president Zhang Xiaokang, deputy director of Health Commission of Ganzhou, Liu Yuanfei, deputy Secretary of Xinfeng People's Government, Hu Lie, and vice general manager of Yihua Medical Co., Ltd., Zhou Jiren, attended it. Directors concerned from the Academic Affairs Office of GMU, the First Affiliated Hospital of GMU, the Third Affiliated Hospital of GMU, some of the affiliated hospitals of Yihua Health, Ganzhou Qimingxing Eye Hospital, Xinfeng People's Hospital and other brother hospitals, and the relevant departments of Xinfeng County attended the meeting.

    Zhu Zuyu, chairman and honorary president of the SAHGMU, delivered a welcome speech. Liu Zhenyu, president of SAHGMU, delivered a speech on the hospital's planning for the next ten years. In his speech, Zhang Xiaokang fully affirmed the achievements made by SAHGMU over the past ten years. He hoped that all staff would not forget their original intention, make great efforts to further improve their management level, innovate and develop their own characteristics, and strive to build SAHGMU into a truly affiliated hospital of medical colleges and universities, serving the health of local people and creating a good moral and technological environment for the GMU. Only in this way can SAHGMU create a satisfactory medical university and make new and greater contributions.

    During the meeting, the Opening ceremony of the Standardized Training Base for General Practitioners, Shanghai Oncology Expert Consultation Center and Yihua Health Education Poverty Alleviation Fund and the Internet Hospital was held successively. On-site consultation with Xiaojiang Hospital of Xinfeng County was conducted for the first time. A commemorative gift was given to 64 elderly employees who had served in the hospital for ten years. The employees who were awarded "Top 10 Doctors", "Top 10 Nurses", "Top 10 Professionals" and "Top 10 Service Models" were commended and rewarded.

    On the afternoon of March 28, an academic lecture on oncology surgery was held. Professor Wang Liwei from Renji Hospital Affiliated to Medical College of Shanghai Jiaotong University, and Professor Li Yong from Guangdong People's Hospital were invited to give lectures and guidance.

    On the morning of March 29, a multidisciplinary charity clinic in the Outpatient Hall of SAHGMU, and experts from the 334 Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University and the First Affiliated Hospital of GMU were invited to deliver health benefits to local people.