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Teachers and Students of GMU Carry Out Tomb-Sweeping Day Activities

Author: Posttime:2019-04-01 18:14:00 View Count:151

    On the morning of March 31, when Tomb-Sweeping Day was approaching, more than 130 representatives of GMU went to Tianzhushan Martyrs Cemetery in Ganzhou City to carry out activities on the theme of "Remembering the revolutionary martyrs and cultivating patriotism".

    In the solemn atmosphere, teachers and students lined up in front of the monument to express the memory of the revolutionary martyrs.

    Subsequently, teachers and students came to Gannan Martyrs Wall and Gannan Martyrs Memorial Hall to pay a visit for study. Faced with the names of the famous martyrs and precious historical photographs, they stopped and watched, being deeply moved by the deeds of the revolutionary martyrs.

    Zheng Zhi, the deputy secretary of Youth League Committee of GMU, said that he hoped that through this sense of ritual education, the heroic spirit of struggle, perseverance and sacrifice for the country, the students could truly become a good-natured and talented person with a heart of love and a feeling of home and country, and struggle unremittingly to realize the China Dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


    Lei Fan, a student from the Media Center of the Publicity Department of Party Committee of GMU, said that this was the first time she participated in the martyrs cemetery. She will strictly demand herself by the standards of a medical student, abide by the school motto of "Building Morality & Decency, Pursuing Truth & Innovation", correct learning attitude, and strive to improve the medical practice skills and ideological realm.