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The Students of Anesthesiology in GMU Carry Out the Reform of "Step-by-Step" Training Mode

Author: Posttime:2019-04-02 18:16:00 View Count:137

    In order to implement the requirements of undergraduate teaching work, the School of the First Clinical Medicine of GMU (SFCMGMU) adhered to the results-oriented training among undergraduate students majoring in anesthesiology and carried out “step-by-step” training mode activities. That is to say, "professional ideological education" was carried out in the first year. "Job experience activities" in the second year. "Clinical follow-up study of specialty students" in the third year. "Clinical training" in the fourth year. And "clinical internship" in the fifth year.


    On the afternoon of March 28, the SFCMGMU selected students who were specialized in pain direction of anesthesiology in Batch 2016 in Zhanggong Area. Through the interview of 4 teachers including Wei Jun, director of the Pain Department of SFCMGMU, 15 students were selected from 34 students as special students for the pain direction. The 15 students will enter the Pain Department of SFCMGMU for a year of "clinical follow-up study of specialty students", and the Pain Department will arrange one-to-one teaching. This learning mode fully embodies the teaching concept of early clinical, multiple clinical and repeated clinical practice in clinical medical education.


    On the morning of March 29, Batch 2017 undergraduate students majoring in anesthesiology came to the operating room of Huangjin Area for "Job experience". Zhong Maolin, director of the Anesthesia Department, firstly carried out the asepsis concept education, and then led the students to visit the Anesthesiology Department. He introduced the evolution of the Department, the Department culture, personnel structure, existing equipments and facilities in detail, etc., focusing on the duties of clinical anesthesia. Then he arranged the students to observe the operation one by one. Watching the operation process and listening to the anesthesiologist's on-site explanation of the operation specifications, especially the humanistic knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine during the operation, the students all said that they had gained a lot from the "Job experience" and felt very good.