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GMU Wins 2 Championships in the NMCTD in 2018

Author: Posttime:2019-04-11 13:45:00 View Count:164

Recently, the Department of Education of Jiangxi Province announced the results of Jiangxi Team's participation in the National Military Class Teaching Demonstration (NMCTD) in 2018. GMU Team won 2 championships.

It is known that the National Military Course Teaching Demonstration in 2018 is a national military course teaching competition organized by the Ministry of Education of China. After the regional and provincial preliminary competitions, excellent teams are selected to participate in the national finals. GM teacher Zhang Qibin from the Military Teaching and Research Department, as well as 6 students, Fengqiao, Jieguangjin, Li Quan, Xiao Renping, Yin Siqun and Xiao Yan, took part in the Military Theory Teaching and Battlefield Medical Rescue on behalf of Jiangxi Provincial Competition Area. After a tenacious struggle, they won 2 championships in both projects.