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The Spring "Job Fair" for This Year’s Graduates Approaches to the End

Author: Posttime:2019-04-15 13:51:00 View Count:166

    On April 13, the spring "Job Fair" for this year’s graduates was held in Zhanggong Campus. "Job Fair" has attracted many enterprises and institutions throughout the country. 409 participating units provided more than 14,000 jobs covering all majors. There are many opportunities for graduates. Nearly 70% of them have signed employment agreements or reached employment intentions with employers on the spot.

    GMU Vice-President Chen Liang and Ye Junming, as well as other functional departments, came to the locale. They welcomed and thanked the employers for recruiting graduates. They also had a detailed understanding of the development of recruiting units and the demand for talents, as well as the employment intention of graduates, and encouraged graduates to actively participate in the recruitment process and stay in Jiangxi for employment and entrepreneurship.

    This year, GMU continued to promote the mode of "Internet + employment". Through Jiangxi Medical Employment Information Network, Employment App, Employment We-chat Public Number and other network platforms, touch screens are placed in teaching buildings, dormitory areas, canteens, recruitment offices and other places, as well as two-dimensional code walls and two-dimensional codes of employing units. Employing units basically realize online qualification verification, online registration, online recruitment information and online resume submission of graduates.

    Compared with previous years, this Job Fair enjoys the following characteristics. Namely, video recruitment keeps pace with the information era. The effort of precision employment is intensified. The number of employing units in the Jiangxi province has increased.