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The Attestation Period of GMU MBBS Majors is Extended to 9 Years

Author: Posttime:2019-04-15 13:52:00 View Count:216

Recently, it is known from the Committee of MBBS Majors of the Ministry of Education of China that the attestation period of GMU MBBS Majors is extended to 9 years, that is, until October 2022.

In October 2013, GMU passed the certification of clinical medicine specialty of the Ministry of Education of China. The validity period is 5 years. In 2015 and 2017, the expert group put forward objective and operational suggestions on the progress report of accreditation of clinical medicine specialty submitted by GMU. GMU has made active rectification according to the opinions and suggestions of the expert group.

Over the past five years, according to the opinions and suggestions of the expert group of clinical medicine majors certification, GMU adhered to the problem-oriented and standard consciousness, reviewed and summarized the course of construction and development of the specialty over the past 30 years, reflected deeply, focused on finding out the problems affecting the development of the specialty, explored the countermeasures to solve the problems, and strived for continuous improvement in order to maintain the sustainable development of the specialty.

According to the requirement of the Committee of Clinical Medical Majors Certification of the Ministry of Education of China, GMU set up a working group in March 2018 to extend the validity period of clinical medical majors certification, and started the work of compiling comprehensive report of clinical medical majors’ certification. Based on the 10 indicators of the undergraduate medical education standard-clinical medicine specialty (trial implementation), the comprehensive report on the accreditation of clinical medicine specialty was submitted in July 2018. The Secretariat of the Committee for Accreditation of Clinical Medicine Specialty of the Ministry of Education of China organized experts to carefully review and study the comprehensive report, and decided to extend the period of accreditation of clinical medicine specialty in GMU for four years on the basis of the original five years without on-the-spot investigation. The Accreditation Committee of clinical medicine specialty stipulates that the accreditation period of a university/college can be extended only once, up to four years. The validation results indicated that the expert group appreciated the reform and sustainable development of clinical medicine specialty within the validity period of GMU's accreditation.

It is reported that according to the inherent requirement of sustainable development of majors’ certification and the suggestions raised by the expert group, GMU will effectively strengthen the construction and improvement of clinical medical specialty, and submit a progress report by 30th June 2020.