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Xiao Qiuxiang Wins the Second Prize in the PTCYTJP

Author: Posttime:2019-04-16 15:26:00 View Count:116

    On April 12, the Pathology Teaching Contest for Young Teachers in Jiangxi Province (PTCYTJP) was held in Nanchang University. 12 pathology teachers from universities in Jiangxi Province participated.

    After fierce competition, Xiao Qiuxiang, a teacher from Department of Pathology of the School of the First Clinical Medicine Science of GMU, won the second prize with outstanding style, fluent language, reasonable teaching process and strong appeal.
    The pathology teaching contest not only demonstrated the teaching skills of young teachers, but also built a platform for the growth of young teachers in Jiangxi Province. In the competition, young teachers learned from each other and further improved their teaching ability and level.