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A Symposium of Doctoral Teachers is Held in GMU

Author: Posttime:2019-04-17 15:27:00 View Count:78

    On the afternoon of April 15, GMU held a symposium for doctoral teachers in Huangjin Campus. GMU top leaders Li Gongjin, Zeng Zexin, Chen Liang, Huang Ruizhong, Ye Junming, Xiao Shuhui, Zhang Xiaokang and Peng Weijie attended it. 8 schools’ deans and secretaries, the functional departments’ directors and nearly 100 doctoral teachers attended the symposium. Zeng Zexin, the Deputy Secretary of the GMU Party Committee of CPC, presided over the symposium.

    Based on their own work practice, the participating doctorates held talks and exchanges around the construction of GMU talent team, post classification management, teacher ethics and style, teaching and scientific research, financial management and discipline construction, and put forward many constructive suggestions for the construction and development of schools and affiliated hospitals.

    Li Gongjin, the Secretary of the GMU Party Committee of CPC,, fully affirmed the opinions and suggestions put forward by the doctors, and answered the relevant questions.
Li Gongjin pointed out that everyone should have a clear understanding of the mission and responsibility of doctoral talents. The high-level talents were the precious wealth of GMU and the hope of the development of GMU. Therefore, GMU will further intensify efforts to introduce doctoral talents. Doctors should cherish the spirit and feelings of the Soviet Union, dare to assume the historical mission of GMU, keep a sense of urgency and responsibility at all times, and strive to create a strong atmosphere for scientific research, so that they can become the leaders of disciplines and achieve breakthroughs in scientific research levels and achievements.


    Li Gongjin stressed that GMU should give full play to the leading role of high-level talents. First, doctoral talents must be loyal and politically savvy.

    Second, doctoral talents should be virtuous and be a person of noble character.

    Third, doctoral talents should be dedicated to work hard and be a promising person.
    Fourth, doctoral talents need to cooperate and work together in unity.
    Li Gongjin pointed out that efforts should be made to provide conditions and guarantees for doctoral development to play a role. Everyone should actively create an inclusive and respectful cultural atmosphere and provide a relaxed environment for the growth of talents. Doctors should be sent to train, learn and communicate more, so as to smooth the channels for doctoral growth. GMU should vigorously solve the practical difficulties of doctors, including spouse's job, children's education affairs, housing rental and other issues. Policies should be formulated to improve the treatment of talents, fulfill policies and commitments, and encourage innovation. GMU should strengthen the management of the performance of scientific research teams and departments, delegate some performance rights to departments and schools, and give them more autonomous regulation rights.
    Li Gongjin asked doctors to firstly integrate into GMU as soon as possible and make contributions to the development of GMU, especially the old doctors who should play a leading role as a model. Secondly, they should abide by the contract and strive to fulfill the tasks promised. Thirdly, they should teach good people and impart frontier knowledge to students. Fourthly, they should go to the laboratory to carry out scientific research activities and join the team as far as possible. Fifthly, they should actively apply projects and funds. Sixthly, they should actively apply awards, either individually or jointly with other comrades. Seventhly, they especially focused on clinical medicine, pharmacology and toxicology. Eighthly, they should actively help schools recruit doctors, especially subject leaders. Ninthly, they should strengthen exchanges and cooperation with those outside GMU to promote disciplines’ development. Tenth, they should actively offer opinions and suggestions for the development of GMU.
    Li Gongjin finally pointed out that happiness was struggle, and he hoped that through this study and training, doctoral teachers can vigorously promote the spirit of the Red Doctor, inherit the Red Gene, foster patriotism, and transform patriotism and strong will into practical actions to promote the development of GMU, build achievements in their respective posts and contribute their own strength.