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6 GMU Majors Have Been Approved as First-class Ones in Jiangxi Province

Author: Posttime:2019-04-22 15:32:00 View Count:144


Recently, the Provincial Education Department announced the list of first-class specialty construction in Jiangxi Province. 6 specialties in GMU have been approved as first-class ones in Jiangxi Province. Among them, clinical medicine science specialty has been approved as dominant specialty, and 5 specialties, namely, nursing, applied psychology, pharmacy, anesthesiology and medical imaging, have been approved as characteristic specialties.

A total of 172 provincial-level first-class majors were set up, including 111 dominant majors and 61 characteristic majors. In strict accordance with “The Requirements of the Suggestions of the Ministry of Education of China on Accelerating the Construction of High-level Undergraduate Education” and “Implementing Suggestions on the Comprehensive Revitalization of Undergraduate Education of the Department of Education of Jiangxi Province”, GMU will take effective measures to closely meet the needs of the society and promote the first-class majors to play a leading and exemplary role in the training of talents and play an important role in regional economic and social development.