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SFCMS Holds a Forum on CSSTIE

Author: Posttime:2019-04-28 15:36:00 View Count:176

    On the morning of April 27, the School of the First Clinical Medicine Science (SFCMS) held a forum on College Students’ Scientific and Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CSSTIE) in Huangjin Campus. GMU Vice-President Zhang Xiaokang, as well as the SFCMS leaders, doctoral tutors, counselors, head teachers and more than 400 student representatives, participated in the forum.

    Zhang Xiaokang pointed out in his speech that innovation and entrepreneurship education had always been an important part of talent training. The SFCMS has innovated and formed effective education models and innovative entrepreneurship brands, such as doctoral tutors entering classes, anesthesiology students "step-by-step" training. It is emphasized that the SFCMS will take various measures simultaneously to further promote the innovation and Entrepreneurship of College students.

    After that, Zhang Xiaokang and Dr. Yan Denglu, the leader of orthopedics, Dr. Ye Junsong from the stem cell research center, student representatives Zhang Chenxi and Lu Siyi, jointly launched a series of scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship activities.

    Ye Jun, the Vice-President of the First Affiliated Hospital of GMU (FAHGMU), shared his insights on how to be an excellent university teacher and how to work for more than 30 years.

    Dr. Liu Zhiping, the associate dean of the School of Basic Medicine Science, was invited to give a special report on the cultivation of Undergraduates’ Scientific Research Ability. He described his practice in teaching and cultivating students' participation in scientific research innovation and the achievements of his scientific research team.

    Dr. Yan Denglu, the head of orthopedics and director of orthopedics department, described how to become a good doctor. Emphasis should be placed on empathy with patients. Doctors should spend time and energy to pursue technological excellence, have a humanistic concept, always maintain the "temperature" in order to offer careful service for patients wholeheartedly.

    Dr. Zeng Xiangtai, a member of the FAHGMU Party Committee of CPC, took the topic "German Medical Education System and Medical Student Innovation Research", and combined with his own learning experience in Germany, expounded his insights into scientific and technological innovation work and his ideas and opinions on scientific research and teaching in the future.

    Zhang Chenxi, an undergraduate class of stomatology in 2016, and Lu Si-yi, an undergraduate class of medical laboratory technology in 2017, shared their understanding of scientific research and their experiences on the scientific research.

    At the end of the forum, participants also visited the College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Park.