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GMU Holds the Faculty Chalk Calligraphy Competition for the Celebration of May Day

Author: Posttime:2019-04-29 15:43:00 View Count:138

    On the occasion of May Day, the GMU Trade Union held a chalk competition on the theme of "Being a good master and building a new era of meritorious service" in the Huangjin Campus on April 29.

    The competition invited experts from Ganzhou Calligrapher Association to act as judges, and 21 excellent players were selected by various departments’ trade unions in GMU. The competition was divided into regular script group and branch script group. The competition scene was tense and orderly. Teachers were attentive and had distinct writing personality, which showed their true level. After on-site scoring, Li Sisi from the trade union of the School of Basic Medicine Science, and Qiu Xiaohui, the trade union of the School of Information Engineering, respectively won the first prize of the regular script group and the running script group.