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The 7th NSOC of SN Ends Successfully

Author: Posttime:2019-05-10 19:46:00 View Count:156

    In order to celebrate the International Nurses’ Day on May 12 and further improve the students' nursing skills, the 7th Nursing Skills Operation Competition (NSOC) was held recently in School of Nursing (SN).
    The competition was divided into undergraduate group and specialized group. The participants were Batch 2016 undergraduate nursing students, Batch 2017 college nursing students and Batch 2017 college midwifery students.The undergraduate group was single-handed cardiopulmonary resuscitation, while the specialist group was oxygen supply by single nose obstruction.


    In the form of clinical cases, the competition not only examined the skilled operation skills of contestants, but also attached importance to individual emergency response ability and psychological quality, reflecting the comprehensive abilities of nursing students in eva luation, analysis, problem solving, communication and humanistic care.

    In the course of the competition, the players showed good skills and professional accomplishment. The judges and teachers were conscientious and responsible, strictly scoring according to the scoring criteria. After fierce competition, Wang Tonghua of the undergraduate group won the first prize. Liu Ningning and Zeng Xinxin the second prize. Fu Yanfang, Liu Ting and Li Qijuan the third prize. Sun Yali of the specialist group won the first prize. Xiao Yuping and Huang Yating the second prize. Yu Fan, Ouyang Qi and Hu Yuqing the third prize.